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Rina Furano is a Viennese composer working internationally and currently residing in Paris, France. Her present catalogue of around 500 works encompasses a highly diverse range of genres, such as classical music, jazz, blues and punk rock. The largest part of her œuvre, however, is neoclassical and includes two symphonies, dectet, quartets, trios, duos, sonatas, choirs, 180 lieder and dozens of works for piano solo and duet.

Other inventions include a new piano pedalling technique and an expansion of the traditional sonata form (see Innovations).

Introverted and reclusive by nature, the composer eschews the limelight in favour of a monkish dedication to musical craftsmanship. 2023 sees her working on a commissioned musical (to be staged 2024) as well as the release of her fourth studio album, a selection of genre-crossing, cinematic pieces best described as "musique noire".

To submit a request for a commissioned composition, please refer to the Contact tab.

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