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Rina Furano is an Austrian composer working internationally and currently residing in Paris, France. 


After completing her studies in the UK, she returned to her native Vienna in 2011 to found the Neue Wiener Klassik movement, which pursued a double aim: to restore craftsmanship and beauty in contemporary composition, and to compose new serious music capable of sustaining itself in the free market.

In the eleven years that followed, she became Vienna's go-to neoclassical composer, creating a sum total of over 500 works, many commissioned, in virtually every setup from chamber music to symphonies. Other inventions included an innovative double-pedalling technique for the piano and the expansion of the traditional sonata form (more here).

Since 2017, she has been active as a consultant for various record labels in Europe and in the US.

In 2022, Furano relocated to Paris and now splits her time between composing and writing. At present, she is refining a genre-crossing formula for elegant music, as well as developing a didactic method for visual composition, her idiosyncratic mental technique that allows for instant-yet-comprehensive representation of musical processes, principles and proportions.

She lives with a tame pet goldfinch and enjoys logic puzzles, 19th-century philosophy, meeting new people, and events requiring uncomfortable attire.

To inquire about a commission or collaboration, please refer to the Contact tab.

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