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There is elegance in fashion, in speech, in manners, in mathematical and practical solutions, in architecture, in design and even in typography. So why not in music? When I moved to Paris in early 2023, suddenly surrounded by elegance, form and dignity everywhere, this question became irresistible.

Eventually, I found it: a formula for elegant music, regardless of a piece's genre, mood or instrumentation. By applying its principles, one can compose not only elegant classical or jazz music, but also elegant rock, elegant lo-fi, elegant R&B... there's nothing that can't be done. Elegance in music does not necessarily mean muted understatement, it can be martial and fierce, or tender and kind, or cool and mysterious. And virtually anything can be beautified by it, as if by a Midas touch.

—Rina Furano


Genre: Neoclassical

Instrumentation: Solo piano; double bass for room
Mood: Calm, mysterious, comforting

Genre: Jazz
Instrumentation: Piano duet, drums
Mood: Energetic, cool, assertive

Genre: Lo-fi / Electronic

Instrumentation: 1976 Rhodes suitcase, bass, drums
Mood: Introvertedly charismatic, urban, cool

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